Gear Up for This Summer’s Green Lantern Flick With ‘Green Lantern: First Flight’

I’ve recently been watching the collection of DC Universe Animated Movies by Warner Bros through Netflix streaming, as well as traditional discs.  For any fan of the DC world of comics I highly recommend watching these 1 hour movies if you haven’t done so already.  Here’s the complete list to check out, but for now the most relevant one to watch has to be ‘Green Lantern: First Flight’.  I say this because the Green Lantern is also getting his live-action debut this Summer, and this 1 hour cartoon does a great job of summing up what the Green Lantern Universe is all about.

I’ve heard of the Green Lantern before, but to be quite honest with you I never really paid him much attention.  I just figured that a super hero that needed a ring to fight bad guys was kind of a wuss, but then I watched First Flight.  I must say that the Green Lantern has now become one of my favorite comic book characters of all-time!  I totally dig the universe, which is explained perfectly in this cartoon from 2009.  Let’s just say there’s a whole lot more to the Green Lantern franchise than just some guy in a green suit with a ring on his finger.

The sheer amount of possibilities that the ring can produce have lead me to believe that the Green Lanterns may in fact be more powerful than Superman himself, and maybe even Force users.  Considering that the ring can produce anything that the user imagines makes me think that it could rival the Man of Steel, as well as our Jedi and Sith friends from a galaxy far, far, away.  Think about it?  Couldn’t the Lantern just shoot Kryptonite balls at Superman?  Why couldn’t the Green Lantern just throw up a shield that deflects the Force and lightsaber attacks?  I’m sure you hardcore comic book geeks have reasons why the Green Lantern couldn’t challenge these legendary super heroes, but from a n00bs perspective I see no reason why he couldn’t be considered the most powerful super hero in all the land.

Regardless, I still urge you to watch ‘Green Lantern: First Flight’, especially if you plan on catching the big screen version this Summer.  For a cartoon it does a great job at entertaining adult geeks considering it has a PG-13 ratings, so it’s not like you’re going to be watching an episode of My Little Pony.  I really feel like this cartoon does a great job at explaining exactly what the Green Lantern franchise is all about, as well as serving as a cliff’s notes version of the live-action movie.  If you’ve been curious as to what the Green Lantern is all about then pick up this movie today.  You’ve been needing your own ring of power…

Green Lantern: First Flight Trailer



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