Preregistration for Nintendo’s First Smart Device App ‘Miitomo’ is Open!

Nintendo’s first foray into their own form of social media, Miitomo, is looking more and more alluring as the days go by. Preregistration just recently opened up, and Nintendo is offering a few perks for those who take initiative.

The first step is signing up for the new Nintendo Account service at Miitomo‘s official site – doing this will give you a notification once the app becomes available for download. Those who choose to register before the app’s release will also be granted a few Platinum Points to be used in the new My Nintendo rewards program set to release alongside Miitomo in March.

This free-to-start social experience begins with the creation of your Mii, Nintendo’s iconic customizable characters made to resemble yourself (or someone else). These little guys and gals will be your avatar while exploring the world of Miitomo. Accruing a collection of your friends should be convenient as Nintendo has incorporated both Facebook and Twitter as a means to recruit people to your friends list. Instagram even gets time to shine as Miifoto, a feature in the app that allows users to pose their Miis with pictures and stamps, can easily post to said social media sites.

Miitomo will propose an array of questions for you to answer, posting your responses to your friends and allowing them to “heart” or comment on your answers via text or pictures. This method of social interactivity is intended to promote conversation – an important motif to Nintendo’s core values. As users experience more and more of Miitomo, they will earn Miitomo coins to be used in the in-app shop for outfits. For those lacking patience, coins can additionally be purchased in the in-app shop in exchange for real money.

Simultaneously utilizing the new Nintendo Account, Miitomo, and My Nintendo rewards program will bring the most benefits to users as they are rewarded for interacting with Nintendo products and services. The extent of these rewards are yet to be seen, but it certainly can’t hurt to preregister now to collect some Platinum Points before the app even launches.

Check out these screenshots for a closer look!

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