Preview Clip and a Teaser Released for The Walking Dead S8-E14

AMC has released a preview clip from the next episode of The Walking Dead, which hasn’t been given a title yet, so we will simply refer to it as S8E14. The preview, which can be viewed above, features a scene from Hilltop where Maggie, Daryl, and Rosita are seen discussing how to combat the Saviors with a dwindling supply of bullets. Daryl thinks they may be running low on ammo and is hoping for a melee combat type of war, but Rosita reminds everyone that the Saviors have a bullet maker in Eugene. Although, she does hint that she knows where to get materials to make bullets, so I’m guessing at some point she and probably Daryl will raise Eugene’s outpost and force that coward to come back to the good guys or die.

A teaser for the episode has also been released, and you can check it out below. As predicted Rosita and Daryl will be hunting down Eugene, but it also looks like we will find out what Jadis and Negan have been up to, and it doesn’t look like Negan has probably been enjoying himself, because he’s tied up and locked up in a storage container.

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