A few new details and screens have come out for the planned Fall XBL UI update, and it’s being described as “Metro”.  As previously mentioned the new UI will utilize the Kinect much deeper than the current build.  All menus should now be touch/voice control capable, which in turn transforms the UI into a Windows Phone 7/Windows 8 interface.  Instead of having various feeds, the dashboard will now be organized into groups of square icons, which ooze Windows 8 style.

In addition to the new UI a few other changes are being made to the social side of XBL.  First off, Bing will be integrated into voice searches.  With Bing you can command your Xbox 360 to look up a certain topic, and it’ll provide results in the form of movies, games, and whatever forms of media that correlate to your search.

Say “Xbox, Bing X-Men” and This is What You’ll Get

Microsoft is also beefing up XBL’s social network integration with deeper Facebook operations, and a new game invite system known as Beacon.  Beacons will allow you to send a broadcast to your XBL friends on Live, and on Facebook if you so choose.  Basically, you could post a Beacon saying, “Hey I’m getting my Gears 3 on around 8PM tonight, come and play if you’re not a p*ssy!)  I doubt someone like me will utilize this feature, but I can already see younger gamer’s lame status updates changing from their mundane life tasks to XBL Beacon invites.

The New Social Section of XBL

MS has yet to announce the official roll out date for the Metro XBL Dashboard update, but I’d expect it to come out sometime this November.  That usually seems to be the drop date for major XBL updates, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re getting our Metro on in the month of November.  According to the proposed changes how do you feel about the new XBL update?  Let us know using the comments section below.  You’ve been looking forward to this metro sexual update…


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