Preview: Piloting Giant Spacecrafts in ‘Dreadnought’

If you have ever dreamt about piloting giant spacecrafts in space, doing battle with one another than this game is going to be for you. Dreadnought is a combat flight simulator from the people over at Yager Development and Six Foot. The description of the genre, “combat flight simulator,” describes this game accurately.

What I was hoping for and what I got during the beta were two totally different things. I guess I should start with where I thought this game was going to go. Heading in, I expected some sort of space epic, where there would be explosions going off everywhere and fighter ships flying by me at high speeds. I was looking for tight controls and fluid feeling ships. Now, the game is in beta so everything that I played is subject to change, and here’s to hoping that a lot of it does change.

Dreadnought accomplishes the strong feeling of a simulator type game. There are three different ship types that you can pick from, these types also encompass a variety of different ships. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses, just like characters in any other online game. I was given some credits and ships to play around with as part of the Founder’s Pack that you can purchase. I picked a few ships that peaked my interest and began to customize them with weapons. Initially, the UI was very confusing and isn’t very user friendly. It took some navigating and getting used to before being comfortable navigation the screens. After decking out my ship I was forced to try the tutorial mission before hopping into the actual missions.

The tutorial gives you everything you need to know about piloting each different kind of ship. The largest of the ships are the tanks of the group. They are extremely slow moving but offer heavy fire power. There was a class of ship in the middle of the three classes that acted as a DPS type class. This class of ship had nice mobility and somewhat damaging firepower. The other class of ship has very high mobility, low health and is mainly used as a support for on the spot repairs.

After playing as each of them there wasn’t really a ship class that I enjoyed playing very much. The movement during combat felt slow no matter what ship I had picked. There wasn’t really anything particularly exciting about using weapons and abilities against other ships. From ship to ship the weapons/abilities didn’t really feel diverse enough to give each ship character. During the missions, no matter what ship I was playing as I would die numerous times. The confusing and sometimes bogged down UI even during battle led me to lose sight of what each button did.

In the end, Dreadnought seems to accomplish exactly what it was made to do. The game isn’t going to win any awards and won’t be the center of any eSports events, but for people that want a solid space combat simulator, Dreadnought is the game for you.


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Preview statement: The Founders Pack was supplied by the developer for the sake of the preview.

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