PreViz for the Bar Fight In ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 May be Better Than Actual Scene

If you’ve watched the first episode of The Punisher Season 2, then you’re well aware that there is a kick-ass bar fight scene that takes place towards the end of the first episode.

Frank basically kicks the shit out of a bunch of thugs who are looking to take out a young mysterious girl, all while other patrons are listening to a country music band play some crappy country music. The scene is pretty damn good, and it does showcase the brutal nature of the Punisher’s brand of justice, but when I watched it, I found the camera movements to not match up with the intensity of the action.

This is especially true during melee fights, which look somewhat slowed down thanks to the less-than-ideal camera work. Stunt Coordinator Eric Linden’s brand of action is definitely faster in nature, so I was glad to find the PreViz that was used to script out the action sequences so the Director and cast could execute it based on Linden and his Fight Coordinator’s (David Conk) vision.

If you’re unfamiliar with the lingo, previz is the practice of scripting out a scene and doing a rough shot of it without the need for final VFX, sets, or even the cast. They’re moving storyboards if you will, and they’ve become a staple in Hollywood, especially for action sequences and massive VFX scenes.

Anyway, WOLF Stunts posted the previz, and it definitely feels quicker and snappier than the final sequence used for the show. The faster camera movements amp up the fight scenes and make the action look and feel more brutal. The sequence just flows better and doesn’t feel as scripted as the final version looked.

Don’t get me wrong though, the final shot as it plays out in the show is pretty damn good, and it puts the other Marvel Netflix shows and their action spots to shame, but based on this previz, I think it could have been even better.

Check it out above!

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