Prey: Mooncrash – Free Rogue Moon Update Announcement

Prey: Mooncrash is already a fantastic addition to the base game, and the game constantly seems to get free updates. I didn’t think that they game would last so long, let alone be getting competent, really cool updates, but I was wrong. The latest free update is one that adds some cool new operator skins based on some fantastic Rogue-lite games.

Game like the recent Dead Cells will get new skins that players can equip during the game. Although it’s not that crazy, it’s cool that some smaller games are getting a little spotlight in a AAA game. Let’s hope we get to see some more stuff like this in other big games, because some of these smaller games really deserve the recognition. Dead Cells is a modern classic, and I love how much, well, love that the game is getting!

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Nathaniel Smyth

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