Prime Example of Why “The View” is a Joke

If you’re a regular watcher of “The View” I would tend to think that you may be slightly crazy.  Just remember that one of these ladies didn’t know that the world was round.  No, I’m not joking!  I challenge you to watch it, or even listen to a clip from it, and then try to not ram your head into a wall until you pass out.  It’s nothing but an hour long gab fest where no one can get out a clear thought without being talked over by one of the other chicken heads on the show.  If you close your eyes while watching it you could very easily trick yourself into thinking you were on a chicken farm.  None of the ladies really get along, and they all think they know everything better than the rest.  It’s a complete train wreck!

Well today the ladies of “The View” yet again showed us why a bunch of women together talking about heated issues isn’t always a good idea.  Bill O’Reilly was their guest today and after he made some of his typical inflammatory remarks about the NY mosque, both Whoopi and Joy stormed off the show while it was still taping.  I’ll be the first one to admit that Bill and most people on FOX News are irritating retards, but you can’t let these gas bags get you so upset that you walk off your job like a little child.  At least BaBa WaWa was there to bring some professionalism back to the set of “The View” after these ladies bailed on their duties.

What O’Reilly said was offensive in this day and age, but not so much that you would lose your cool and give him the satisfaction of knowing that he’s gotten under your skin.  That’s what these guys live for.  They just keep talking their rhetoric up regardless if it’s true or not, so sane people can go insane over their opinions.  Once they have you rattled they then pick you apart and make you look like a fool.  Unfortunately, some of the ladies from “The View” did just that, but they’re all insane anyway, so I don’t know why I’d expect anything more.  Check out the clip below.  You’ve been wanting to gag on your own tongue while watching these ladies yap…


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