“Problem Child” Is Coming To Television. Again.

NBC has announced that it will be airing a new/used/refurbished TV show entitled Problem Child, based off the 1990 movie which starred Michael Oliver. I wonder what happened to him?

Anyway, the show is being adopted, excuse me, adapted by Scot Armstrong, who helped write Old School and The Hangover II. He also successfully translated Starsky & Hutch from the small screen to the big screen, so NBC is hoping that magic works the other way this time around.

Those of us with televisionic (like photographic, but with television) memories will remember the Problem Child cartoon that was shown on USA’s Cartoon Express. Here:

The cartoon featured Gilbert Gottfried as the only actor to continue his role as Igor Peabody, and with any luck he’ll be involved in the new series as well.

ABC announced a television version of the film Uncle Buck, which starred the late John Candy and Macaulay Culkin. The series will be written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley, and will focus on an immature uncle taking care of kids. You know, that old chestnut.

One 80’s film that will NOT be getting its own television show is Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything. A day after NBC closed the deal, the series was shelved after Cameron Crowe shared his disapproval that the show was being made. Justin Adler and Aaron Kaplan, who were brought in to write for the show, pulled out after realizing Crowe was never involved in the TV version, causing NBC to put it on hold.


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