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I wasn’t really big into shooters until about 2008, when my friends and I were all big into Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. The old days of Unreal Tournament never were something I experienced, and frankly it was never something I thought I could handle. Looking at footage of the game now, people move around so damn fast, and being that I was never a PC gamer, the thought of doing that with a mouse and keyboard seems nuts. Well, I got to player Project 1v1, which is a strong call-back to those games from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and it was way more fun that I thought it would be.

It could be, of course, that this game is much newer than those ones, and has a slew of its own features to experiment with. There are various character classes that you can pick from, but they all feel familiar to other shooters. Sniper class, assault rifle, a rocket launcher class with a fairly small blast radius, but nonetheless effective. Every class also has special “cards” that they can use (they have cool downs or limited uses) that provide them short boosts or special attacks. For example, one of the card that I got to use would engulf me in flames and hurl me forward, which as far as I could tell, was pretty much and instant kill if my enemy was in my way.

The name of the game pretty much says it all, it’s a small arena shooter where you fight one other person. Then, whoever loses gets kicked to the bottom of the order and the next person up fights the winner. Think back to when you were younger and you’d go to the arcade to play Mortal Kombat. Two people would duke it out, and the winner stays on the machine for the next match, the loser returns to the crowd, and the next person challenges the winner. Everyone else in the lobby watches the match as it goes on, and it’s fairly entertaining just to watch because it goes by so fast. Unless you’re like me and the gentleman I was facing, where we basically kept running in circles around the map, chasing each other, and barely ever actually hitting each other. Spoilers: I lost by like 5 kills and the time ran out because I suck, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The point is that I had a blast, and it was rather exciting even when I lost because that meant that I got to analyze the other players while I waited. It was cool to find patterns that they were using and then trying to use that against them when it was finally my turn again!

I highly recommend this to fans of super-fast arena shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake, it’s a blast, even when you suck, like me.

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