Last week the Internet was flooded with the news that Nintendo is planning on releasing a new console later this year that will provide HD content, and another revolutionary controller featuring an embedded touchscreen.  Project Cafe has become the codename for Nintendo’s HD Wii and IGN has supposedly scored some new details in regards to the new consoles specs.  They’ve also come across a mock-up of what Cafe’s controller may look like.  This picture isn’t from Nintendo, so it may not be dead on to what the final product will look like, but it does paint an interesting picture of what this hybrid controller may look like.

I’m still not sure what Nintendo is up to with this Franken-troller, but just like the Wii-mote ushered in the motion-control era I can very easily see this touchscreen controller revolutionizing how people play their games once again.  Nintendo may not make killer games like they used to, but they sure as hell are innovative.  More details will undoubtedly be revealed this June at E3, but until then you can take a look at some of the rumored specs of this new console below.  You’ve been wondering what Nintendo has up their sleeves with this new controller…

Project Cafe Rumored Specs

(According to an IGN report)

GPU – Wii 2’s GPU will be a modified version of AMD’s R700 architecture.
CPU – The CPU will be a custom-designed triple-core version of the IBM PowerPC chipset.
Visuals – Project Cafe will run in 1080p, and may be able to utilize Stereoscopic 3D, though it hasn’t been confirmed as a feature.
Size & Design – The console will be around the same size as the first-gen Xbox 360, and may be designed to look like a futuristic looking Super Nintendo.
Price – Say goodbye to Nintendo having the “budget” console: Project Cafe may cost between 350 and 400 dollars.
Release Date – Supposedly, the Cafe itself could be ready to ship from the manufacturer to retailers as soon as mid-to-late October, but in order to give developers more time with the new hardware, Nintendo may not launch the console until early 2012.


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