Project Morpheus In Action On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon Demo's Project Morpheus

Virtual Reality has been a hot topic of conversation the last couple of months in the gaming industry. Oculus Rift started on Kickstarter and was bought out by Facebook, making it one of the only viable options to purchase once it was released. Sony wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to jump in the market, adding more options for the consumer.

Joshua Topolsky, Editor-in-chief of The Verge stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to show off two gadgets. First was a camera that captures light to create images. It’s basically taking a 3-D image. Sure that’s cool, but the real reason you want to see the clip above is Project Morpheus. Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum got first dibs on experiencing Project Morpheus. Be sure to check to out the video above to watch to future go gaming become a reality. 


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