Project Natal Demo Actually Looks Pretty Flipping Revolutionary

An 11 minute video has surfaced in regards to a Natal demo given at the D8 conference this week.  Besides the fact that the cameraman may have been a midget, or doesn’t like filming heads, it’s a pretty informative look at Natal technology.  *Update*  (When I embedded the video on E.B. it actually looks O.K., but I wanted to keep the initial line about the little person in here, so, yeah I’m lazy.)  Oh yeah, why do they send annoying marketing women to do these demos?  If anything she makes Natal seem uncool.  Bring on a geek, or someone who isn’t so polished to do these demos.  Gamers don’t like corporate machine people.

Once I got over not wanting to punch the lady out, I really was impressed with Natal’s [slider title=”mo-cap”]Mo-Cap – Motion capture.  Similar to what is done in movies to create CG characters.  Think about that turd Jar-Jar Binks.[/slider] abilities.  The camera system seems to be very sharp and responsive, and the voice-command features she was yammering about sound awesome.  I’m placing my first foot on the Natal bandwagon.  Although, she did hint that it won’t be called Natal and that we’d learn the real name and release date at E3, so I wonder what its final moniker will be?

Try to get through the video below.  It is 11 minutes long, but you can skip through the first part were the two fake ding-dongs do their corporate speak.  It really is a neat demo to watch.  I still don’t know if I want to be active gaming, but I feel like there will be other bonuses like voice-controls and other widgets that will make Natal a must have for all Xbox 360 owners.  You’ve finally been semi-excited about this thing…

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