Proof That Bulletstorm’s Dialogue Is the Most Profane Ever

When I posted my review of Bulletstorm one of my complaints was the over abundant use of the word d*ck in the game’s dialogue.  I still stand by that critique, and it’s not because I’m some righteous person who believes in a sterile society, but after hours of gaming where all you hear is d*ck this d*ck that, the humorous banter starts to get old fast.  Luckily, the guys over at Normal Level took the time to create a montage of all of the foul language found in the Bulletstorm campaign.  It provides a great sample of what you’ll hear throughout your quest to beat Bulletstorm.  Check it out below and make sure you have the volume turned down if you’re in a public place, or someone may think you have a d*ck fetish.  You’ve been wondering if using the phrase “teenage poontang” in a game could be considered illegal in some states…



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