Protect Ya Neck: Superman Gets Animated and Deadly


Superman has long been the protector of the world’s population, using his tremendous powers to combat evil and protect those unable to do so themselves. Screen Junkies, however, have released a new animated take on the Man of Steel that shows him taking justice into his own hands – literally.

The short, hilarious animated video features Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor up to his old tricks again – threatening to fire super powered lasers into the ocean in order to destroy Earth’s fish.

Superman has a plan of action that shies away from his normal techniques. With a resounding snap, thud, and shrug – Superman ups his kill count by one; something he normally would never do.

The video continues with some witty dialogue and another chronic injury or two before Superman makes his ‘triumphant’ exit.

Screen Junkies’ Man of Steel: The Animated Series can be found below for your viewing pleasure.

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