Everyone is trying to be the next VFX master of YouTube these days.  I guess I don’t blame these amateur film makers trying to stumble upon the massive success that other VFX legends have achieved (think Wong and Corridor Digital).  I mean who wouldn’t want to make a living making awesome YouTube movies all day long with some of the coolest software and hardware tech available?

Unfortunately, this type of success isn’t easily obtainable if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to the VFX part of the YouTube formula.  Although, our friends over at ProtohTypX have put out a new tutorial to help you get closer to realizing your YouTube dreams.  In their VFX “How-to” video Jet Li, I mean Hen Zee ([#ff hen_zee]), shows off the various levels of muzzle flares that can be used in a short featuring America’s favorite past time – guns!  He quickly steps through the types of muzzle flares used, and with each one he lists what needs to be done to achieve the appropriate muzzle flash.

I highly suggest checking out the tutorial below if you’re interested in working on your muzzle flares for your next film making project.  Please let the guys know what you think by leaving comments on the video, or down below in the comments section of this site.  You’ve been wishing that your finger made gun sounds when you pointed it too…

Muzzle Flare VFX Comparison


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Via [ProtohTypX]


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