Proven Lands: Sci-Fi Sandbox Roguelike Hits Kickstarter

Exploration, innovation and excitement are the first three words that come to mind when taking a look at the science-fiction inspired, procedurally generated sandbox game, Proven Lands. The offering from Berlin-based developers, thesetales, has just landed on Kickstarter – and certainly looks to be one of the most promising titles to emerge from the crowd-funding website.

Proven Lands aims to transport players to an ever-evolving world of planetary exploration that hinges upon survival and immersive AI storytelling. According to thesetales, Proven Lands will never be the same experience twice thanks largely to the game’s impressive engine that continually creates new locations, flora and fauna.


Randomly exploring procedurally generated planets isn’t all that Proven Lands offers however, as the game is equipped with two different narrative structures. Within the game, the traditional main story guides players on a more-or-less set path that touches on adventure and philosophical themes. By placing players into the roles of an everyday hero character as the main character, Proven Lands’ story allows for immersion as the player adapts the persona of their hero.

The game’s second narrative form found in Proven Lands is the game’s promising meta-game. As the player explores the randomly created planets, Proven Lands’ AI continually creates new challenges in the form of needs, wants and desires that must be fulfilled by the player. Best described as a ‘game master’ of sorts, the AI in Proven Lands ensures that within the game, nothing will ever seem stale.

Proven Lands is shaping up to be a massive undertaking. Outside of the randomly generated 3D worlds and unique story elements, Proven Lands is packed to the brim with additional content to keep the player busy for hours. Crafting, building and farming are just a small selection of the bevy of features that Proven Lands brings to the table. The sandbox worlds of Proven Lands will allow the player to truly feel as though they are exploring – and existing – on actual alien planets.

With ever-changing content and dynamic gameplay, there are countless reasons to be excited for Proven Lands. The dedicated team at thesetales have been hard at work creating a video game experience that transcends simple definition. The game’s newly launched Kickstarter page details just how much thesetales wants to implement in Proven Lands, proving that this is no mere attempt at creating a game – but rather an attempt to create the game that keeps players continually coming back for more.

More information regarding Proven Lands can be found on the game’s Kickstarter, as well as details surrounding backer incentives and stretch goals. If you are looking for one game to pledge your support to, reach for the stars with Proven Lands.


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