Proximity App Gives Business Owners & Consumers a New Way to Interact

The talented developers at front st. dev. have a new mobile application that can take your business, or your experience as a consumer in a whole new direction of social interaction between a business and its customers, as well as between customers themselves.  Their brainchild is called Proximity (FB page), which is a very fitting title for a mobile app of this nature.  Proximity is a free app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Android Market, so as I like to say it’s a bipartisan app for fanboys of any smartphone platform.

At its essence Proximity is built for businesses as a way to further interact with its customers by utilizing the ever growing popularity of smartphones and social networking apps.  Rather than being a Foursquare like check-in app, Proximity offers consumers a way to interact with other customers in a particular shop who are sampling the same products, offers, or overall experience.  On the business side of things Proximity allows a shop owner to engage his/her customers on a personal level by providing them with digital menus, product offers/discounts, and a unique social experience with other patrons of the business through local chats, and discussion groups with other users that have the Proximity app installed on their gadget.

Proximity Main Menu for Customers

Businesses interested in Proximity will be given a plug and play like experience with the product to get it functioning at their particular store.  Within moments they’ll have 3 modes of functionality that they can deploy to their devoted customers, which all provide a means for giving their patrons a reason to keep coming back.  Is this not the dream of every small to enterprise business owner?

The first function that Proximity can offer a business is the Interact feature.  The Interact component offers the customers of an establishment using Proximity to engage each other in an informal manner to discuss their experience at the place of business, or to just randomly shoot the sh*t with some strangers.  Have you ever been in a new city at one of its happening gathering places and wished you could find a topic to discuss to break the ice with some strangers?  Well, Proximity could give you this opportunity in a way that doesn’t make you come off like a creep with less social skills than a rock.  We are all great at texting and having IM conversations, and for some people this is an easier way to converse with other humans, so Proximity can help those of us nerds and geeks that don’t do the best in typical social situations to get over the fear of that initial ice breaker.

Example of Proximity’s Interact Menu

The second function of Proximity that a business can deploy is the use of digital offers and menus in real time on users smartphones.  Have you ever wanted to move a particular product of yours that isn’t selling so well?  Typically, this process could take days to print up coupons, advertising, etc, so with Proximity this all can be done with a click of a button.  Let’s say you own a coffee shop and you notice on your Proximity feed that certain customers are talking about one of your products, but their biggest barrier to trying it is the fact that it costs more than they want to pay.  You could punch up an exclusive offer for these patrons and have it pumped down to their phones within minutes to give them that opportunity they’ve been looking for to try your new product offering.  This is by far my favorite piece of the Proximity suite, because it empowers a business owner to market their wares in a dynamic real-time fashion that will give them a competitive advantage over like businesses not using Proximity.

Digital Menu and Digital Offers Screens

The final function that Proximity can give a business owner who utilizes the product suite is the ability for real-time customer feedback.  We’ve all had less than stellar experiences at a restaurant, department store, and pretty much any other establishment that sells a commodity to consumers, but most of the time we bottle up our hate and let it loose on some kid making minimum wage who could give a rat’s a*s about our concerns.  Ultimately, we should be utilizing the business’s feedback system to let those who care know about our bad (or good) experiences know why we didn’t enjoy their services, but usually this involves filling out some survey found on a receipt, or an archaic card system that forces the customer to find a pen, fill it out, and then give it to someone who gives a damn.

Proximity can do all of this for your business in a manner that customers can get behind.  I for one would be much more willing to fill out a comment card if I could conveniently do it from the palm of my hand via my smartphone and the Proximity app!

Proximity’s Customer Feedback Screens

With all of its innovative functionality Proximity is a product that any business that wants to further engage its customers in a 21st century manner should look into.  The team at front st. dev. is more than willing to give you an in-depth demo if you’re interested in procuring their product, so head on over to this link and get on board with them today!  There’s also a video demo of the app in action below.  Please feel free to weigh in on the Proximity app using the comments section below, and if you do end up using it for your business, or as a consumer at a business that uses it, please let us know how it goes.  You’ve been given a tool to make your business a social networking powerhouse…

Proximity App Demo



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