PS3 Fanboys Erupt in Disgust!!!

It seems the new PS3 firmware v3.21 is causing some rumblings in the fanboy sector.  For those of you new to the land of Geekdom, a fanboy is someone who is overly passionate about something and they tend to have blinders on when it comes to competitors of the thing they love.  For example, the gaming scene is full of fanboys.  You have the big 3:  Xbox 360, Nintendo, and PlayStation, which all have a severe fanboy following.  Basically, the fanboys in each camp thoroughly hate the other camp, and will never admit if the other team has done something noteworthy.  In simpler terms fanboys are turds.

Anyway, the PS3 fanboys are going ape shit over their consoles next update, which will remove the “Other OS” feature from their main menu.  Up until this patch, PS3 owners can load PC operating systems on their PS3’s.  I personally have no idea why anyone would even want to do that.  I buy game consoles to play games not to hack them up and have it run a version of Linux, so I can get some cred in the underground hackers scene.  I’m sure there are reasons to do it, but it just seems like a waste of time.  If you want to tell your buddies that you can install Linux go buy a bare bones PC and have at it.

If you’re one of these PS3 gamers that are bent out of shape over this, you better keep an eye out for the patch, which is set to drop April 1, 2010.  Just don’t download it, although you’ll probably be forced to at one point to play newer games or utilize new PSN features that Sony pumps down.  If you want more details go ahead and check the link out below.

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