PS3 Nerds Filing Suit Against Sony Over v3.21 Update

Some Sony fanboys are up in arms over the latest PS3 firmware update.  The latest patch v3.21, removed the ‘Other OS’ feature, which allowed you to install a PC operating system on your PS3.  I guess some assholes have actually filed a lawsuit over this ordeal, which really blows my mind.

They’re claiming some mumbo-jumbo about not being able to fully utilize the features they paid for when they bought a PS3.  Since they have to have their ‘Other OS’ they haven’t updated their PS3’s yet, which virtually makes certain features on the console useless.  They can’t get on the PSN, or play most new games without updating to v3.21, so they basically have a useless gaming console.

I want to say to these assholes, “Get a life you Mom’s basement living toolbox!”  Are you kidding me with this crap!  The lawyers who even filed the suit on behalf of these losers should have their licenses revoked.  Give me a break!  Is it really that important to have Linux on your PS3?  Go buy a f*cking computer you ultra-nerds!  The PS3 is a gaming console not a PC, get over it!

That felt good.  Sometimes geeks take things too far, and this is the perfect case.  These few gamers are trying to be martyrs for a cause that most gamers could give two shits about.  I find it absolutely ridiculous that these people would file a lawsuit over a system patch.  Fanboys are pretty far out aren’t they?  You’ve been called out you ‘Other OS’ douchebags…

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