PS3 Slim Gets a Super Duper Accessory

I may not be a PS3 fanboy, but I recognize when something is Buddha worthy.  Sony, in a move I always admire, typically releases their consoles in a stream lined version a few years after the initial release.  It’s been done since PSOne and now the PS3 has gotten the mini-me treatment.  Hori, a Japanese hardware firm, has released a very useful tool to use with the PS3 slim for gaming crackheads.

Hori has released an 11.6″ HD monitor that snaps into the PS3 Slim to take your [slider title=”baby”]Yes, gaming consoles to a select group of fanatics can be considered children.  We take our hobbies seriously.[/slider] on the road.  This adds a whole new concept to owning a traveler console.  I have a traveler Xbox 360 because I’m too lazy to pack up my main console anytime I need to take it on the road.  For a screen I have a 32″ HD monitor, which is a real bitch to staple onto my console for transportation.

This Hori baby HD attachment makes a little more sense for use as a traveler monitor than my 32″ TV, and only costs [slider title=”$275.”]Sorry rest of the world, this little sucker is only available in Japan.  They never share their cool shit with us.[/slider]  I tend to take things to another level, but if they had one for the 360 I would definitely have to look into it.  I just don’t have much need to take my PS3 anywhere, and it’s also a generation 1 PS3, so Hori has no solution for me.  Oh well, it’s not like I leave the EB command center anyway.

You’ve been enlightened…

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