PSN Hack Keeps Getting Worse, Email Accounts also Compromised

I woke up today to an email from Sony that more or less told me that there’s a good chance that any information I had entered into their system may indeed be compromised.  This includes my email account, credit cards, name, address, and whatever other personal BS that is required of you to enter into Sony’s PSN system.  Luckily, I’m not a dope who uses the same password for all of my accounts, but the thought of my email, CC, and personal information being stolen by some d*ldo who probably still lives with Mommy is very disturbing.  In fact, Sony’s lack of security is leading some politicians to call them out in the media, and for this first time I think I agree with these shady gasbags who are slowly running this Country into the ground.

In this same email Sony made some lame attempts to console all of us gamers who have been digitally r*ped, but it’s really nothing more than a heads up you’ve been f*cked kind of message.  Supposedly they’ve hired a firm to nail down exactly what was stolen from PSN user accounts, but at this point the damage is already done.  I would suggest that any of you who have gamed on the PS3 to at least go through and update your passwords for every account you own that may be tied to the email address you used for the PSN.  You should also keeps tabs on your credit card activity, because at this point Sony still doesn’t have a grasp on the situation.

I really think we are witnessing one of the most Epic Fails in gaming history, that will ultimately change the way Sony runs their online service.  We’re now finally seeing how far behind Sony is compared to Microsoft when it comes to an online gaming platform.  Good old Xbox Live and its whopping $60 a year fee go a long way when it comes to keeping you secure and gaming for hours on end.  You’ve always known that free doesn’t necessarily mean better…

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