PUBG In Real Life Video Captures The Chaos Perfectly

The Nukazooka YouTube channel is known for its gaming in real life shorts, and its latest project will fill you in on why. The team has brought Player Unknown’s Battleground to the real world, and their work is a spot on recreation of what a PUBG would look and feel like in real life.

The short follows a new player dropped into the game, who from the get go is under attack and struggling to survive. Luckily, he finds himself some weapons and is able to advance, but soon after he’s once again fighting for his life against other players with frying pans, trucks, go-karts, and any other random bit of weaponry you can find in a PUBG match. There’s a bit of gore too, which just adds to the authenticity of this Player Unknown’s Battleground in real life match.

Head on up above to check it out.


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