PUBG Miramar Map Care Package Contains Real Life Ghillie Suit and Military Style Backpack

Microsoft is sending out media care packages in honor of the Miramar map launching on PUBG’s test servers on Xbox One, and we were fortunate enough to get one. The test by the way is open to anyone who owns PUBG on Xbox One, and can be downloaded directly from the store.

In terms of the care package, Microsoft went all in as you’ll see in the images provided below. Hell, even the box it came in is some Apple level quality, so like I said no expense was spared to promote Miramar’s test and imminent arrival in the Xbox Game Preview program. The contents included a legit military style backpack, which looks so authentic I’m afraid to even use it out of fear of looking like a stolen valor type of dickbag. It’s definitely high quality, and appears to have all the features of a legit military style backpack save for the glorious American flag patch that our armed forces proudly sport on their earned and legitimate backpacks.


Within the backpack itself there was a Miramar license plate with a code for the game on it. There was also a leather water bag, a bandana, and a map of Miramar.

Now the most interesting item in this PUBG care package has to be the full on ghillie suit. Yes, it came with a full on ghillie suit with desert camo patterns. I’m talking a hat and face cover, a shirt, a belt, and pants. The only items missing were a pair of military grade boots. I guess it’s time to go hunting?

Anyway, kudos to the PUBG marketing team for this killer hookup! You can find out more details on the Miramar map test below.

About the Miramar Map Test Phase

One of the hottest games on Xbox One is about to get hotter as Miramar, the desert-themed map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is now available to play on a dedicated test server, ahead of its launch in the Xbox Game Preview version of the game in late May.

To access the Miramar test server, download the standalone “PUBG Test Server” client directly from the Microsoft Store and prepare to experience the latest addition to the most intense battle royale game on Xbox One. Note, you must own PUBG on Xbox One to download and access the Miramar test server.

The Miramar test server will include the new map, as well as new vehicles and weapons. As the map is in a pre-general release period of development during the test server period, some aspects of the map may not function as expected. Connection to the Public Test Server will only be available during specific periods and players may experience extended wait times due to a limited pool of players. You can find more details about the Miramar test server at:

During the test period and beyond, the PUBG Community Team will be actively listening and responding to player feedback, so please be sure and share your comments, questions and concerns to the PUBG forum listed above.

In keeping with the community-driven development we’ve built the game upon, we’re looking forward to receiving input from the PUBG Xbox community and using that feedback to help us optimize and tweak the overall gameplay experience.

Thank you again for your support throughout PUBG’s development in Xbox Game Preview. Our goal to bring fans the ultimate battle royale game on Xbox One relies on making the community an integral part of the ongoing process of optimizing the overall PUBG experience. Being part of this early Miramar test helps us deliver on our commitment to bringing players high-octane action on new maps as we near its general availability on the Xbox Game Preview version in late May.


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