‘PUBG Mobile’ Star Challenge Leads Into The 2019 Pro Tour

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been making headlines ever since it released back on the PC. Now it has made it’s way over to mobile platforms and is even getting it’s own tournament run. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Star Challenge is how players can qualify to compete in the 2019 Pro Tour coming up next year. The video above covers everything that you need to know to be able to qualify for this monumental tournament. Qualification has begun so get playing! Check it out!

About PUBG Mobile Star Challenge:

  Squads from across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Japan/Korea and China will battle it out for a share of the hefty $600, 000 prize pool. And the finals will happen in Dubai in the end of 2018. The ‘PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE’ with title sponsorship of Samsung Galaxy Note9 is bringing celebrities, professional gamers, and internet personalities together for the first-ever championship series. Also, PUBG MOBILE is now available to be downloaded in Samsung Galaxy Apps. To participate, a player must have more than 1, 000 fans or followers across specified streaming platforms but can form a squad of up to three other players with no requirements.

Participants registration already ended in Sept. 10 and we received more than 15, 000 teams applied for qualification to PMSC. Full details can be found here. image003.jpg The top 20 teams from each of the six regions will move on to the qualifier rounds of the ‘PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE, ’ and then to the global finals. Global and regional winners will split the $600, 000 prize pool as follows: · Global Final Champion: $200, 000 USD · Runner-up: $100, 000 USD · 3rd Place: $50, 000 USD · Regional Final Champion: $20, 000 USD · Regional Runner-up: $15, 000 USD · 3rd Place: $10, 000 USD In addition to cash prizes, winners will become an official PUBG MOBILE partnered content creator, gaining access to promotional resources for streaming PUBG MOBILE.

Last but not the least, PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE- EUROPE FINAL will be the first station of this global tournament and will land in Ukraine, Kiev, on September 29 to 30, 15:30pm GMT+2. Please stay tuned to PUBG MOBILE official Facebook page for more information.

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