PUBG is no doubt an innovative game, but the weaponry, especially the melee weapons never struck me as anything outlandish. The frying pan that deflects bullets is pretty cool, but everything else is pretty plain-jane as far as I’m concerned. The Tapanga Machete is a fairly simple design and doesn’t really seem like something that they guys at Man At Arms: Reforged would take on. They normally do such bombastic stuff that something as small and dainty as a machete seems not worth their time.

However, like always, they make even the most mundane shit seem pretty cool with their video, and the end result is a beautiful work of craftsmanship. That machete is also significantly sharper than I believe a normal machete would be, but hey, it wouldn’t be a Man at Arms video if they didn’t cut shit up. Check out the video above and let us know if you prefer the Machete or the Frying Pan when you play PUBG.

It should be the Frying Pan, though, if you say otherwise, you’re a fool.


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