PUBG Xbox One Edition Preview: A Bit Underdone

So PUBG is a pretty good game on its own, and the PC version is deservedly praised. There’s no way to know exactly what’s going on with the Xbox One version, but it ain’t running so hot. Yes, I know, it’s a Game Preview, it’s not the full version, but people are paying thirty bucks for a game that chugs on the Xbox One X. If you have an original Xbox One, god help you if you want to play this game smoothly, because it is not fully optimized yet. I’m sure that after some period of time, with updates and fixes, it’ll be able to run fine. The visuals in PUBG aren’t breathtaking or anything, but having 100 players all together at once is certainly going to take a toll on any system. The lobby especially, with everyone together is an absolute mess, the game runs terrible in there. Let’s try to look at some positives of this port, though.

The controls work well one the Xbox One, you certainly don’t need a keyboard for it, they found a way to squeeze all of the shortcuts and such onto a controller. I will say, it took me a few minutes to figure out that I had to hold down the X button in order to reload. It’s also got a new vault mechanic where you can vault over low cover, which I had no idea wasn’t already available in the PC version. It seems like such a normal thing to have in a shooter nowadays, being able to vault over low cover, but hey, it’s there now, so that’s cool. Nothing has been overcomplicated or changed that much in terms of menus or partnering up with friends, it’s simple and fast, so that’s good.

Now, let’s talk about what’s bad, which is most of the game preview.

Texture pop-ins are horrendous on the original Xbox One, and still prevalent on the Xbox One X to some extent. Sometimes, buildings don’t even look like buildings on the original XB1, they’re just mushy blobs with tiny little opening that you may or may not be able to walk through. Character models look disturbing, and the lighting affects them in really weird ways, like why does my character’s hair look like it’s constantly glowing? Why does my character model look so good in the main menu, but then looks awful when I jump in the actual game? I mean, pretty much the whole plane ride is just a laggy, awful-looking mess at the beginning of each match.

I’m less concerned with protecting myself from other plays, and more concerned about just being in a safe spot when the lag hits. Getting in a firefight with enemy players is just a hilarious little jaunt as you both helplessly fight against the game more than each other. Seriously, if you haven’t watched any of the various compilations of the mess that is PUBG on Xbox One, you should check it out before you buy it.

This is certainly not the worst Game Preview/Early Access game I’ve ever played. I can see this great game under all of these performance issues, and if you can’t play the PC version, at least it’s something. I just don’t personally know if it’s worth the price tag as of right now. If they can make this game run as well as the PC version, then it’s absolutely worth the money, and is sure to become the most popular game on Xbox One over 2018. I won’t be scoring this, because it’s not a full release yet, and I feel like it’s not quite fair to judge it completely until it’s claimed to be actually out.

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