Pulp Fiction Gets a Sixty Second Speedrun


Quentin Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction is without a doubt a modern day cinematic masterpiece. At first glance, however, the film can be a lot to digest; thanks largely in part to Tarentino’s nonlinear storytelling.

Thankfully, 1A4 Studio has made the definitive – and decidedly entertaining – ‘speedrun’ of Pulp Fiction. Clocking in at a mere sixty seconds (only 153 minutes shorter than the film if you’re keeping score), 1A4 Studio’s speedrun of Pulp Fiction follows the correct timeline of the film and keys in on every important scene from the film.

Presented in awesome, hand drawn, line art, the simple characters manage to convey the film’s spirit and major points in a way that will make anyone want to watch.

Take a look at the Pulp Fiction speedrun below and be sure to head to 1A4 Studio’s YouTube Channel for even more awesome flicks.

Speedrun: Pulp Fiction in 60 seconds (Ep #8):

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