Put on Your God-Killing Boots, ‘Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’ is Here

Path of Fire is the second expansion to hit Guild Wars 2, and it’s coming with a tall order. If you were enjoying the “peace” after the events of the first expansion, Heart of Thorns, then I have some unfortunate news for you. Now, you have to kill a god.

If it weren’t for my foray into Destiny 2 and my mild (definitely not the right word) obsession with Elder Scrolls Legends, I’d be leveling my Mesmer right now. Their new specialization is too cool for their own good, but Mesmers have a lot of competition from the rest of the classes. While the trailer above primarily focuses on the narrative players are about to experience, there really is a lot more Path of Fire is bringing to the world. New ways to build your character, different ways to travel around environments new and old, new equipment, new quests, dungeons—name it.

Heart of Thorns did its job in adding some necessary features to Guild Wars 2. Path of Fire, however, is almost entirely focused on content. And you can start playing this content right now.

Check out the launch trailer for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire up above! Are you planning on jumping back in?


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