Pyromaniacs You Need The Prometheus Device

I first heard about this thing while listening to the @mygeektime show on Sirius XM this past weekend.  Basically, some super genius managed to make a device that allowed him to become a real life Pyro (Is that his Marvel Name?).  I’m still trying to figure out how he did this without blowing his arms off, or burning down his house, because this thing looks like it’s straight out of the movies and not some dude’s bedroom.

Prometheus, as the device is called, is a glove in the likes of Iron Man’s hand cannons, that shoot controllable flames out of them depending on your hand and arm movements.  Imagine being able to execute a real life “Yoga Fire” just like Dhalsim in the Street Fighter franchises!  That’s one of the new abilites granted to the wearer of the Prometheus device.  My limited writing abilities don’t do this thing justice, so just check out the footage below.  You’ve never thought being a Pyromaniac could be this sexy…


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