‘Quake Champions’ Stream Shows Off New Content

Bethesda Gameplay Days at PAX West showed off tons of new content for the game. Quake Champions is ramping up in popularity quickly and is now going to be receiving some excellent new content. Updates from the stream include new maps, Arcade Modes, new vanity weapons, the 2018 eSports calendar and most importantly, the new champion, Athena! Check out the full stream above for all of the content.

About Quake Champions PAX West Update:

  THE LONGEST YARD Jump pads … IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE! That was Q3DM17, one of Q3A’s most popular and brutal maps, that lent a mad, jumpy, and ridiculous showcase for rail and rocket skills to the game. Well, now The Longest Yard is back, completely reimagined for Quake Champions and designed to deliver all the crazy excitement and fun to the September update. Just try not to Bullrush off the edge, all you Scalebearers out there. NEW CHAMPION – ATHENA Quake Champions is all about speed and mobility, so let’s take that to its most outrageous extreme. Athena swings in on her grappling hook, allowing players to fly high above the fray, dropping rockets and plasma and rail shots on the poor suckers left walking below. 

A familiar face from Quake’s past, Athena will blast her way into PTS in mid-September, with plans to debut publicly shortly thereafter. ARCADE MODES New specialty modes will bring all news ways to compete in Quake Champions in September. Featured in the ‘Play Now’ screen, Arcade Modes will rotate on a regular basis. Some examples of game modes you’ll see in Arcade Mode include: Hot Rockets: All Champions spawn with just the Rocket Launcher. Oh, and those Launchers happen to have infinite ammo and QUAD DAMAGE.

BOOM. Mystery Champion: Start with a random Champion and spawn as a different character each time you’re fragged. The best part? You can spawn as Champions you haven’t unlocked yet, so you can try them all. And you will be forced to. Team Instagib: The one-hit-to-frag, splatterific classic, now with support for two teams of four! Unholy Trinity: Weapon pickups no longer appear on the map. However, you spawn with Quake’s trifecta of iconic weapons – the Rocket Launcher, the Railgun and the Lightning Gun! Do your best with the best weapons in games.

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