Quality Control: New Samsung Galaxy S II Blows up in Man’s Pocket

An unfortunate Android user almost had his family jewels melted off by a brand new malfunctioning Samsung Galaxy S II.  While the phone was idling in his pocket he and a friend heard a faint sound, and then a feeling of heat took over the gentleman with the phone.  He quickly reached into his pockets to find that the Galaxy S II had actually had a mini-explosion in his pants!  You can see in the pics that the phone caught fire where the battery and SIM card meet under the phone’s back cover.  He basically had a time bomb in his pants that he was able to diffuse before Mr. Happy got a sunburn of the 3rd degree.

New exploding phone feature only found on the Galaxy S II

I think I’m cool being the subject of Samsung’s latest jab at Apple via their commercial dissing fanboys for waiting in line to get a semi-new iPhone.  I mean considering that their “superior” model smartphone has an identity crisis over being a phone, or a bomb doesn’t really make me feel bad about owning one of the most stable smartphones in the known Universe.  If you have a Samsung Galaxy S II you may want to keep a close eye on it before it goes all incendiary grenade on you, or at least give it to someone you don’t like.  Grant it Apple stuff heats up and has issues as well, but at least they still look good while doing it.  You’ve not been surprised by this report…


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Source [XDA Developers via RegHardware]


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