Quantum Break Live Action Show Preview: Episode 1 – Monarch

Microsoft provided us with an early copy of Quantum Break, and is allowing certain content to be previewed early. With that being said the content we are allowed to show must have editorial commentary applied to it, so the gameplay you are about to watch will have me talking over it. I know you would prefer to watch it without my voice, but we must abide by the NDA set forth, so it is what it is.

In this particular video you will get to see the opening minutes of the game’s first live action show episode titled, “Monarch.” The live action show always ends a particular Act/Episode, so they come after the Junction missions and do reflect the choices you make in those missions. Quite frankly the live action show component has been a big surprise in terms of it not feeling cheap and tacked onto the experience. The acting is solid, and the episodes provide many insights into the narrative in a different format than traditional video game. These episodes do a great job at expanding upon what the player has learned in the game, while also progressing the narrative forward.

I also love how the live action show gives you a break from the gameplay, something I need in my later years of gaming. It’s just refreshing to play the game, and then sit back and enjoy 20-30 minutes of entertaining sci-fi inspired TV programming that is both interesting and necessary to Quantum Break’s overall package.

Head on up above to watch the preview, which isn’t of the whole episode. I truly feel that watching the full episode without playing the missions before it is a disservice to your own playthrough, which is why the full episode wasn’t posted for viewing. Sorry, trust me, it’ll be better for you in the end.

Quantum Break hits the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on April 5, 2016.


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