QWOP Creator Releases an Even More Ridiculously Hard Game Called GIRP

The game devs who like to make games that are harder to play than actually splitting an atom, have released another title that will test your will and patience.  This is the same site that brought the running game QWOP to the masses, which features a sprinter that runs like his brain is being melted by acid and his legs are made out of Jell-O.  I dare you to try QWOP out before you even attempt their new rock climbing game called GIRP.

This time around you have a rock climber that seems to only use one side of his brain at a time, who also is tripping out on LSD that is usually reserved for elephants.  The sad thing is that these frustrating games are so challenging that you find yourself spending way too much time playing them.  It’s almost like they force you to prove that you can play even the most poorly executed game controls.  While you try and make this little sh*thead climb up the rocks, your own brain will be punching your eyeballs for even presenting the image of this special-ed climber to your consciousness in the first place.  It’s very challenging to get your brain to use the awkward controls in GIRP.  Plus it doesn’t help that your climber’s arms keep wanting to return to his crotch as if he can’t help but touch himself while you try to get him to climb.

In fact, it’s challenging to the point that only the most masochistic of individuals will give it more than one try.  I guess if you want to hate being alive it’s a great way to start.  Check it out by using this link, and report back any progress you’ve made trying to climb up that sh*tty mountain.  You can’t believe that people actually play this ball puncher of a game, but you do agree that the name is pretty rad…

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