R. I. P. – Tony Scott (1944 – 2012)

As most of EB Nation is likely already aware, film director & producer Tony Scott is dead at age 68 due to a suicide on Sunday afternoon.  According to reports, Scott left notes in both his car and office before taking a dive off of the Vincent Thomas Bridge located in San Pedro, California.

There is no doubt that everyone out there has come across the work of Mr. Scott at some point.  Tony Scott has directed many blockbusters including Unstoppable, The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Beverly Hills Cop II, and my personal favorite Top Gun.  Looking back, for me Top Gun is the first movie I remember as a kid that had me awestruck and made every kid want to grow up and become that cool fighter pilot.  Even now in the era of advanced CGI, iMax, HD cameras, and all the other outstanding movie making technologies, there is still something about watching Top Gun that resonates with me and causes goose bumps every time I hear those jets thundering around my head on surround sound.

Although Top Gun was my personal favorite, one look at Tony Scott’s impressive resumé shows the many movies and TV Series that he was a part of.  As a fan of movies and entertainment in general, there is no denying that the untimely passing of Mr. Tony Scott is a huge loss to the entertainment industry, as well as his family.  With a successful career, fame, and a net worth of over $100 million dollars, it just goes to show that money can’t solve all problems and buy true happiness.

No one may truly ever know what caused Mr. Tony Scott to take his own life, but may he finally have peace from his inner struggles.  Here at EB Nation, our thoughts go out to his friends and family left behind as they try to cope with the passing of Mr. Tony Scott.

R.I.P. Tony Scott (1944 – 2012)


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