R. Lee Ermey Shows Off The Guns of Bulletstorm

R. Lee Ermey is infamously known for his role as the drill instructor in ‘Full Metal Jacket’.  I would have to say any man that calls himself a man knows of Ermey and his unforgettable quotes from that movie.  Who hasn’t used the quote about Texas, or called some dummy Private Pyle at least once in their life?  If you raised your hand use it to punch your balls, because you just lost some dude points.

Anyway, the real life Gunny was enlisted by the team behind Bulletstorm to do some weapon promos that only he could do.  Ermey is still full of p*ss and vinegar for an old geezer, and his Bulletstorm gun descriptions are priceless.  I only hope to have as much enthusiasm as this guy once I go gray, but I imagine at his age I’ll be drooling in a wheelchair with some scrambled egg chunks on my cheeks.  Check out the Drill Sergeants Bulletstorm weapons introduction below.  You’ve been wanting to stop reading this post and go get Bulletstorm today…

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