R2-D2 Takes No Prisoners in Alternate Jawa Capture Scene From ‘A New Hope’

R2-D2 and C-3P0 go their separate ways early on in A New Hope because the two can’t agree which direction to go to escape the vast Tatooine desert. R2 strolls off towards a mountainous area while old Golden Rod remains in the sand to flag down a distant vehicle that he believes to be his savior. Neither one of their adventures end well, but they do reconnect on a Jawa sandscrawler after R2 has a less than successful run in with the little salvagers with glowing eyes. They jump him, shock him, and load him into the rusty underbelly of their sandcrawler to hopefully sell him off to a particular moisture farmer who is in need of a few good droids. We all know what happens next.

Well the BrotherhoodWorkshop YouTube channel has created a stop motion LEGO short that parodies R2’s capture at the hands of the Jawas. In “R2-D2 Unrestrained” the little astromech droid takes things into his own claws when he senses that the Jawas may be up to no good. Rather than getting jumped and captured R2 unleashes a devastating attack using laser pistols, explosives, and even his rocket boosters to teach the Jawas a lesson. When he’s done raining hellfire down on the Jawas he then takes his aggression out on the very Jedi he’s been sent to track down. This R2 is essentially the R2 he wants to be, but 3P0 and the others always beat him down, leaving him feeling unconfident and demoralized.

Head on up above to see what a pissed off R2-D2 really looks like!


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