Rachel McAdams’ Character in ‘Doctor Strange’ May Have Been Revealed

After it was confirmed that she would be in Doctor Strange, many began wondering just who Rachel McAdams would be portraying in the Marvel film. The newest rumor appears to be that McAdams will play Christine Palmer, aka the Night Nurse. Originally fans thought she may play the love interest of Doctor Strange, a character named Clea, but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

There were assumptions that Rosario Dawson would play the Night Nurse, given her role on Netflix’s Daredevil, but that isn’t the case either. Netflix was unable to use Night Nurse because Marvel was planning on using her in one of their films, and it appears Doctor Strange is the one. While the comics have two Night Nurse characters–the most recognizable one being Linda Carter–it appears they’re using the Palmer version for McAdams.


Doctor Strange is scheduled for a November 2016 release.


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