Radical Rhythm: Go Bananas with New Jungle Rumble Screens, Trailer

Jungle Rumble, the upcoming rhythmic RTS from Disco Pixel, looks to give players plenty of reasons to go ape over the game. Led  by veteran AAA game designer, Trevor Stricker, Jungle Rumble is a whole new take on mobile gaming that challenges players to guide the Mofongo tribe of monkeys against an encroaching rival tribe.

Leading the Mofongos to victory requires players to utilize their innate drumming abilities. By drumming on the screen of their mobile devices, players must keep rhythm while communicating their strategy and plans to the monkey tribe. Mastering the various patterns while directing the monkey tribe is no small task, as Jungle Rumble’s dynamic soundtrack will always keep the player on their toes.

Jungle Rumble’s vibrant color palette transports players into a beautiful jungle world filled with quirky monkeys and great grooves that are impossible not to enjoy.

Available for iOS and Android devices come April, Jungle Rumble is sure to be a must-have mobile title for those who need a game that is more fun than a barrel of….well, you know the rest.

Check out Jungle Rumble’s new screenshots and trailer below.

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