RAGE 2’s New Eden Assault Trailer – More of This Stuff

RAGE 2 looks like a pretty great game… of the one very small section that we’ve seen like 7 times. Every time we see extended gameplay, it’s of the Eden Assault mission, which is fine, it looks fun, and I played it at E3. It IS fun, but I want to see more, seriously, I’m not going to buy a 40 hour game if I only know that 6 minutes of it are going to be fun.

I want to see more gameplay in these different biomes, not just this lame-ass desert area (which the entire first game was based in). Give me something new, give me something to salivate over. I will say that the vehicle gameplay that we got in this video was pretty cool, though again, we really didn’t get that much. The different weapons that you can equip your vehicle with are very cool, and you apparently, unless it was just good editing, can side-swipe vehicles with some kind of booster(?) You can make sharp lateral movements to just smash enemies off of roads, or so it seems, again, it could have just been quick editing in the video, as they didn’t explicitly mention it.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think, and if you want to see more of the game!

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