The cute main menu, reminiscent of classic games.

Mobile games have taken over a lot of my free time. Typically I’ll spend the back half of a day playing a game on the PC or on the Xbox or PlayStation. This has not been true as of late. Now I’ll just sit down in my chair and grab my phone or iPad and play games on either of those devices. This brings us to the matter at hand. I have recently played a game called Rainbow Dash. I would personally classify this as a sort of subcategory to the platforming genre. The basis of the game has you going from point A to point B in any given level. The twist here is that you are trying to bring color back to these levels by passing over platforms. The more platforms you color, the higher your score is at the end. Did I mention you can play this game whether or not you have internet access? 

Jumping to turn grey blocks into colored ones.

The visual aesthetic of the game is light-hearted and fun. I played this on my Google Pixel on the highest brightness to get the color quality I wanted. You are also treated to a nice soundtrack between each of the 10 levels offered to you. The music matched with your jumps reminds me of another game in this genre called, Geometry Dash. There isn’t really much negative I can say about Rainbow Dash, aside from the fact that there are only 10 on-board levels. There is an endless mode which offers fun in short bursts. The game is frustratingly fun though, I’ve been trying to get 100% on the first level ever since I’ve started playing. Managing only to get 98% with each run, I have almost tossed my phone across the room numerous times, but that’s the fun of it. Check out some in-game screenshots I took mid game. Rainbow Dash will only run you $1.99 on the Google Play store. You should definitely check it out! 

The finish line for the first level.

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'Rainbow Dash' Review Summary

Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9
Entertainment Value - 9



Being a huge fan of mobile games, I jumped at this opportunity. Rainbow Dash offers excitement (on or offline) in the palm of your hand. Though I wish there were more levels, the 10 available will have you trying time and time again to get 100% on each level. The looks and music bring this game around full circle. I absolutely love this one.

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