Raptor Claus is Here in Ark Survival Evolved

Tis’ the season in Ark: Survival Evolved’s newest update! Raptor Claus is here and he is bringing with him a load of gifts for nice players, including loot blueprints and a bunch of holiday-themed goodies. Naughty players will receive coal, but this coal can be used to craft new holiday-themed items, as well.

There is a special item that the PC players get, but it is a mystery–good luck finding it! Along with this holiday update, we will see the release of the v253 update. This new update brings in two full-scale underwater caves and five new creatures along with it. These new dinos include Cnidaria, Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax and Therizinosaurus.

Check out the trailer above for the new update, get out there, and get taming!


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