Ray Park as Darth Maul Images and Clip From Solo: A Star Wars Story Released

In honor of Solo: A Star Wars Story’s upcoming digital release, Lucasfilm has dropped the film’s most talked about clip for fans to watch, as well as a few official shots of the iconic character featured in it. The clip I’m referring to is the reveal that Darth Maul was Dryden Voss’ boss in the Crimson Dawn criminal organization after Qi’ra called him up post her killing Voss.

It was definitely a shocking moment the first time I saw it, but one I very much appreciated, and felt it added a great tie to the prequels and the cartoon universes that are all a part of the Star Wars canon these days. When I first saw the metallic boots I had an idea that Maul could be the shadowy figure Qi’ra called, but I also wondered if it would be Vader. That thought was instantly squashed when Sam Witwer’s voice was heard and Maul’s face was shown, but I was even happier to see him as the head of the Crimson Dawn.

I also appreciated that they used Ray Park, the original Darth Maul actor from The Phantom Menace, to bring him back to the live-action universe. You can now see Ray in full Maul garb below courtesy of Lucasfilm by way of Forbes. It’s too bad that Solo failed at the box office, because I would love to see Maul back in another movie with a much larger role, but I fear those projects have been scrapped altogether after Solo’s poor box office run. Oh well, there’s always a chance.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits digital on September 14.


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