Ray William Johnson – A YouTube Master

I’d never thought I’d say this, but I’m becoming a YouTube addict.  Ever since I added the damn YouTube widget to my iGoogle page, I find myself spending too much time watching the recommended videos.  One channel that continually puts out videos that get millions of views is, Ray William Johnson, and his =3 brand.  He basically does his thing Buddha style, giving an edgy and humorous spin to various YouTube videos rather than news articles.

Ray put out a video this week called, “I Keed. I Keed.”, and it made me laugh out loud, which I only do if something is funny as shit.  There are two clips in particular that brought out the belly laugh.  The first one is his take on two Nigerian boys dancing, classic, and the second one deals with some Incubus-style baby doing some weird floor wiggle.  Check it out and hopefully you find it as entertaining as I did.  If not, get a sense of humor you turd.  You’ve been Tubed…


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