Ray’s The Dead is a game many of you might have heard of a while back when it was released on the ever popular Kickstarter site. The game is being created by Ragtag Studio where they hope to create a memorable game that is also remembered as a spiritual successor to a cult hit. The cult hit in question is titled Stubbs The Zombie. I myself was a massive fan of the game and played it for many, many nights. Hell, I even still own it on the Xbox 360 as an Xbox classic! Stubbs was a brilliant game about the power of friendship. That’s a lie actually, it was a game about eating brains and commanding an army of undead minions.

For those that missed out, Stubbs was a very memorable experience that proved to me that playing as the zombie is not half as bad as you might think. In fact, zombies seem to have it pretty sweet if that game was anything to go by. Let’s not dwell on old games, and instead look to the future.


Ray’s The Dead is a spiritual successor yes, but it is also its own game, so let’s not forget that. Ray’s The Dead features a gorgeous 2D art style that is a joy to see in action. I really cannot recall the last time an art style wowed me like Ray’s has, and that feels wonderful. The game has a very unique look about it that lends perfectly to its charm, characters are vibrant and laughable and dialogue is well written. Despite the build being over a year old, I still felt that it showed enough of the game for me to judge whether I would like it, and without saying too much, you should definitely hold hopes high for Ray and his undead pals. So what is Ray’s The Dead about exactly?

In short, a lighting bolt hits the grave of poor Ray which results in Ray raising above the cold dead earth. Ray also has a light bulb lodged in his head which gives him powers to resurrect and control a range of characters as he faces various foes on his journey through the unknown. I witnessed the incredible power that Ray had at his disposal, and it was glorious.


Even in its very early days, the version I played still had plenty of features showing of the brilliant abilities possessed by Ray. I was able to perform wondrous acts such as bringing the dead back to life, faking a Halloween costume and commanding fellow zombies to hide in bushes and grab unlucky passers by. These were just a handful of the options available to me, and they all worked out really well.

Ray not only has the ability to bring back deceased humans, he is also able to bring back canine animals too. With each zombie type set to have different skills, it’s very easy to see how Ray’s The Dead could feature complex gameplay with a deep system. Dogs for example have the ability to stun enemies, thus granting zombies to hammer the stunned enemies till they drop, or until Ray fancies some brains to appease his hunger for tasty human flesh. It will be these kind of strategic moves that make Ray’s The Dead the game that it wants to be. With the attention to detail shown however, excited players should have nothing to worry about on that front.


My demo was short, but in it I was able to experience some fantastic moments that I cannot wait to see more of. Ray is a brilliant character that oozes likability, which for a character who moans and has a thirst for blood, is a definite strong point.

Ray’s The Dead will be hitting PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC sometime in 2015. Expect full coverage on the title as more news on it comes through. Head on down below to check out its gameplay trailer.


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