Ready Player One Gets an Honest Trailer Stating Artemis is Related to Admiral Ackbar

The Screen Junkies have released their latest Honest Trailer parody, and it takes on Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. While I love this movie and don’t think there is much to make fun of, the Junkies still managed to make me laugh a few times due to some clever lines.

For starters, they say Artemis is the love-child of David Bowie and Admiral Ackbar, which I found to be hilarious and somewhat true. They also think that everyone living in the Oasis must smell like ass in real life because they’re all in tight suits and running around in enclosed areas, which makes plenty of sense. The team also points out that the real life versions of everyone’s avatars, especially the stars, all look hot in real life too, and that Artemis’ birthmark is hardly even noticeable.

This is a fun Honest Trailer lambasting if anything else, so head on up above to check it out.


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