Football, or soccer, is a sport with an amazingly strong fan base around the world. Games are passionate and the major players are often elevated to rock star status because of their performances on the field. Imagine what it would be like to pretend to be one of these athletes or become a star in the making all on your own? With the Real Football 2013 game for iPhone, you can take this want and make it a reality all while playing in the virtual world. From a reputable company with a name you can trust, Real Football 2013 has a strong and growing base of supporters and game lovers. Just why? The following explains more about why this game is having such an impact on the market.

How It Works

When playing Real Football 2013, you are in charge of a team of players that you can coach to success through their battle with on the field opponents. You will be in charge of everything from the rosters to the player lineup, giving you the control in this fun football game edition. A quick start and quick win, however, will not be the key to success. Rather, the ultimate goal—as with any true team—will be to build up your team’s skills, tactics, and teamwork throughout the season and practices. What this means is more options for you and a longer and more involved game than the one level option of other games.

Neat Features

One of the most amazing features of Real Football 2013 is that it offers a chance for more than just changes on the virtual field. As with any sports program, the team you create in Real Football 2013 offers you the chance to take the success on the field and make changes to the area around it as well. You will deal with sponsors and attract fans by how you play and ultimately turn profits you can use to create even bigger and better stadiums.

New To the Game

New to the game is a weekly sponsor feature, making new offerings available for you and your team. There are also new staff options as well which makes the interactivity and depth of this game simultaneously better than ever before. You will also have the opportunity to upload names and portraits of your favorite players from throughout the leagues. This has been one of the most prominently touted features that players are really enjoying. Updates are also available which means that as the roster changes in reality so, too, can yours in the virtual world. This means that your game will be as current as it can be. Also, because the game is now reaching a wider market, it is available in new forms such as the iPhone 5 application as well. This means that you can play anywhere and everywhere you have your phone.


Aside from the great game features, graphics, updates and more, Real Football 2013 has another great reason for purchase. Individuals know that what they are getting from this option in gaming is a trusted one. Because it is not the first installment, players can take solace in knowing that they are not purchasing from a company without a proven reputation. Gameloft has had a history of success in the realistic sports gaming options and Real Football 2013 only continues this tradition. For those looking for such realism in their entertainment options, choosing Real Football 2013 may be the perfect option. You can have fun exploring and finding out what hidden gems await you as you kick, shoot, tackle, and score on the field.


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