Real Life Escher Illusion Will Make You Go Hmmm

First off, don’t feel stupid, I didn’t know who M.C. Escher was until I looked him up either.  Anyway, he’s an artist that wowed people’s minds with optical illusions back in the day.  One such illusion that he created was called Waterfall, which you can see below.  The picture makes it seem like the waterfall is in perpetual motion by having the water flow up, and then back down the chute only to be recycled back into the flow with the water wheel.

Well some genius figured out a way to do this in his man room, and posted it for everyone to see on YouTube.  The resulting video will definitely make you scratch your head if you believe in gravity, because you will see water flowing up a surface just like that time you ate some bad mushrooms!  I’m sure there’s an explanation to it, but sometimes it’s just better to leave illusions like this up to the imagination.  It really will make you go, “Hmmmm!”  Check it out below and let us know how you think this illusion was done.  You’ve been amazed that people can still make illusions without a computer’s help…


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