Real Life Magneto Boy

A boy has been found with some X-Men like super powers in Serbia.  Bogdan’s little chubby frame exhibits the same sort of power that the mutant Magneto has when it comes to metal objects.  For some reason this little guy’s body is somehow magnetized, which enables his parents to exploit him for money by sticking random objects you can find in the kitchen to his chest.  Bogdan’s odd ability also prevents him from being in direct contact with computers and TV’s because he’ll fry them with what ever energy is exuding from his core.

The video is actually pretty remarkable, but I’m guessing this kid probably has some sort of defect brought on by growing up in a war torn country where he probably drank lead for breakfast as a baby.  Either way, this pudgy little dude definitely has something going on that could indeed be considered a mutation.  Check it out below.  You’ve now begun to prepare for the rise of the mutants…


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