Real Life Super Mario Uses Some Unconventional Fireballs

There have been other well done real life Super Mario vids, such as Freddie Wong’s ‘Real Life Mario Kart‘, but I haven’t seen one similar to the newest tribute to everyone’s favorite plumber from AndrewMFilms.  This group of amateur filmmakers puts an entirely new spin on what it means to get the fireball power up.  After watching AndrewMFilms’ version of Super Mario Bros., I think I prefer their method of killing Goombas and Turtles versus the traditional Flower power that Mario and Luigi could utilize in their games.  Let’s just say it’s a little more in line with gangsters than Princess saving plumbers.  Without spoiling it for you I’m going to stop writing here and just let you watch the video for yourself below.  You’ve been teased, now just watch the video…


Real Life Super Mario Bros.



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